Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busy, this past week...

Stuff be pilin' up and I am a disorganized, grabasstic, lazy puke. And that's just my good side!

Took the Barco to the Six Mile Creek, again. It was perfectly warm and relatively dry weather so why not spend a hundred bucks of diesel to eat some less than palatable food. I really like the Crab Shack because of their wonderful dock which is free for those boaters who dine in the restaurant. Problem is that the food is either really good, or not. It depends on luck and possibly the angle of the moon/sun interface of that particular moment in time. Or just whether the cooks give a particular darn about your food order, I don't know. The server gave me a blank stare when I described the wretched condition of our meal. They don't care and on that evening, neither did I. It ain't worth the effort to educate the staff, they aren't going anywhere and the job they hold is the best one they can hope for, barring a lucky marriage or winning the lottery.

I attribute my charitable feelings to the pitcher of Stella Artois Beer which cost me $7.00.

Even though I am whining about the miserable food, I still return to the Outback Crab Shack in St Augustine because I have faith that the food will be good next time. Plus I make sure to avail ourselves to the wonderful dock on Six Mile Creek which is always fun.

A few photos of the trip down. One notable view is of the Space Shuttle liquid fuel tank that is at the old Green Cove Springs Navy Base.

I saw this boat approaching in the distance...

What is that on the headsail???

Hmmm. Deadheads...

Steal Your Face!

That's the one!

I bet they spent millions on that shuttle tank, and yet it rests there, unemployed.

Just tied up, 5:00 in the afternoon and a fairly empty dock.

Gettin' hungry

Local wild life

Six Mile Creek

Restaurant has new games... Even the ladies get into this corn hole thing!

Looks like fun.

Heading back to the Barco after dinner.

Sunday morning, Father's day fishing for a local church group. Fun!

Good time was had despite my dinner experience. It will be better in a couple months.

On Monday, I was tasked by a nice lady in Gloucester, England to drive to Port Orange and inspect a motorcycle. They were doing the purchase via Ebay and they wanted to get eyes on the bike to make sure everything was as it was described. 

A mere hour and a half trip in the family truckster and I was there. 

Really nice 2009 Harley Dyna-Whatever. 1971 miles on the counter and the bike is in brand new condition. $8500 for the deal which I find to be incredibly reasonable and I passed the news on to the buyers back in the UK. The motor isn't even broken in!

Lots to do this week. Hope everyone is happy out there, keep on keepin' on!

Barco Out.


LL said...

And I thought that a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac was a sign that it was all over... Now they're on yacht sails. Who woulda thunk?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

My thoughts, exactly.

Buck said...

And I thought that a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac was a sign that it was all over...

Be Careful now, LL.

Nice mo'sickle, that. It looks sorta like that Sportster with the 1200cc motor that I want.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

1600 CC's of HD muscle!