Sunday, June 15, 2014

On to Key Biscayne

The Barco did a long trip via the Intracoastal from the Moorings YC near Vero to Fort Lauderdale. Not really a big deal, we were moving by 0630 and quickly made it to West Palm. The motion slowed considerably when we hit the 27 miles of bridges. If we had been a sailboat, this would have taken a day, but since we could get under 19 feet of clearance meant we could skip some openings. Still, many no-wake zones ensured a slow passage to the national yachting city of Fort Liquordale.

Phil cleans up the brekkie stuff, again.

St Lucie State Park 

Looking to the east at possible future anchorages

Back to the business of traversing the ICW

One of the more sensible homes in the land of the Mc Mansion

The youth out celebrating summer near Palm Beach

Loggerhead Marine is EVERYWHERE.

Fire in a park ahead. I think its a ploy to get a rezoning so they can build yet more assholian  McMansions on the waterway.

Our newest friends break the serenity with a large waking pass.

One can always tell the distinctive signs of boating assholery; Look for dangling gear adrift. 

Yep! Sure is.

Finally making it to Lake Worth

Love the blue salt water!

Dolphin Dreams

A fantasy of mine for the last four years has been to get the cash to buy this particular boat which was billed as an "Expedition Trawler". It was listed for around $500K and I had thought the price was reasonable, not knowing what a working trawler looked like or should, anyway. I'm still attracted to this type of boat immensely, but the valuation has diminished once I saw the current condition. I think the price was so high because they were selling a business that was established in South Florida but I would only want the vessel and not a business because I am too lazy to actually want interaction with customers and helping with their needs. Maybe a month at the shipyard welding on new steel and a paint job will do the trick. I still like the idea and looks of Dolphin Dreams.

Passing West Palm

Marina advertisement billboards

First of the many bridges to come

At last!

We used to live here, ten years ago. We had the condo by the boat in the photo

We arrived at Coral Ridge yacht club about five minutes later. This club was where we hung our hats for a couple of years and found it was the same old Coral Ridge we had remembered!

Next morning I was rebuked by the Dockmaster for not having a reservation (We hadn't a reservation at any of the other Clubs we visited, either!) Like I said, it was the same old Coral Ridge I had resigned from ten years ago. We shan't be returning...

Off to Bicayne!!!

We crept along at no-wake speed passing downtown Lauderdale and the many super yachts along the waterfront. The waterway was as busy as usual with a traffic jam of boats heading out, up and down the ICW for other places. Most vessels were double the size of our 40 foot Barco, too.

I began taking photos once we passed the Coast Guard Station at Port Everglades.

Somewhere in Hollywood, FL

local living. Gotta have the cellphone running!

This woman and her son were in the fast moving boat and they waked us at least twice, even in no-wake zones.

Baker's Haulover Cut. A famous place for intentional and un-intentional groundings!

Finally, deeper waters!

Venetian Causeway

Government Cut, Miami harbor.

Last couple of bridges before Biscayne Bay!

Virginia Key

Rickenabacker Causeway

Phil gazes upon the blue green waters of Biscayne Bay.

Happy Captain is back in salt water...!

In South Florida, power boaters show no shyness in doing close passes.

Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Crew of Barco being welcomed by old time members of the club.

Wine chosen especially for us by Gus, the  Dining Room Manager.

A flag marking the spot!

Tree has a face. I couldn't really see it.

We met some nice people at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club. I asked about the times when Jackie Gleason and his friends would come by to party, and the locals told tales of a President and his buddy BeBe Rebozo. Apparently, some guy named "Newt?" has a daughter who is a current member.

Cool club! Great food and a wild nightlife around the outdoor bar near the pool.

I definitely like gong to Key Biscayne and the adjacent waters!

More later...


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