Monday, June 22, 2009

After Mission Wrap Up

The "Mini-Cab" came and brought us out of the Docklands and returned us to our flat on Bishops Bridge Road. No small journey, this had us crossing through the City and into Westminster during the busiest time of day. It only cost us about a hundred bucks.

Can't be helped.
Here is the Map.

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This is why I took a cab. You literally cannot get from here to there. It takes a professional.

This is a view of our flat. We were in the Basement, and the round window was a favorite perch for the Jellicle Cat.

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We take our showers and prepared for the evening. Jacket and tie was required dress for the Little Ship Club, and one never knows who will be present on a Tuesday. One of the distinguished members of the time was a Former Prime Minister, I saw him once, but did not bother him. (But that person was not there that evening.)

We arrived at about 1830 and ran into the Club President, Robin Knox-Johnston. I was looking like quite the hero to our crew-person, Dave. We made the introduction and left those two chatting while we wandered the Club like real sailor-men, bragging about our brave trip from the Hamble River.

A quiet Moment by the Bar

Before we acquired Wildebeest III, we were treated like eccentric cousins who were probably in the Club on a lark and we were not true boaters. Most foreign members of the LSC tended to be Embassy types who liked boating but really liked drinking at a Private Club.

So we dashed all those stereotypes and went and bought a boat. We suddenly became interesting!

Our friend Paul Ferris (Truly, the most fun and craziest person, evah!) had been a very welcoming member who had been sailing on the Thames his entire life, came over to offer his help on moving the 'Beest to its home at St Katherines Dock. This is a good thing, since I have to be at work on Wednesday, and cannot hope to possibly get any more time away from my Naval Duties.

Paul Ferris

In the backsground is the Naval College at Greenwich.

Paul is a very funny, knowledgeable Jack of All Trades, known internationally for his pranks and for photographing what ever his exploits might be. Here is a typical Paul quote;
"Ohhh, you should have BEEN there, we had soooo much fun. "Here's the evEEEdence..."

(Digression; We were walking on the eastern side of Bequia, an island south of St Vincent. Some menacing islander youths came approaching Mother-in-Law, Spousal Unit and myself, and they were carrying machetes. At the final moment of approach, I was getting ready to be mugged and was preparing to defend/fight/run when one of these youths points to Mother-in-Law's camera and say in a fun tone, "EvEEEdence?" Truth!)

Digression OFF.

After staying up until 2330, drinking many beers and having closing drinks with The President, we stumbled on home via cab.

At 0700 I returned to the Navy, and Spousal Unit met Paul at the boat for further transit to St Katherines.

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The Tower of London is immediately to the West of St Katherines Dock.

The Lock at St Katherines, Wildebeest III making an entry.

I couldn't wait to get off work and see the 'Beest at her new home. I got over there about 1800 that evening and discovered that our new home was in a great spot. Right by the London Futures Exchange. CNN always shows St Katherines West Dock on their International Financial News, so we were near famous stuff!

The bad news was that there were no power cords available to get AC power to our boat. This situation would last a month.

More bad news; We needed to move on board in the next week, otherwise we would have to sign another year lease on the flat.


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Buck said...

I still find it interesting that we have this place (St. Katherine's) in common, kinda-sorta. And we didn't miss each other by all that much, either, what with me taking up residence in the Tower Hotel for a month in '93 or so (the exact year is kinda fuzzy in my mind... I was traveling a LOT back then).

Of all the photos in this post I most relate to the bar pic, LOL! Which isn't a comment on anything other than my particular tastes/experience. :D