Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cruising the 'Net

Today, I went searching on the web to see what was happening with the "Being Out There" couple, whose film I reviewed two or three months ago.

Mitch and Michelle are cruising their Downeast 32 from Cape Cod to the Chesapeake. They are actually cruising, while I am doing the j.o.b. and living on land. Go check out his well crafted blog and catch up on some really nice cruising. My favorite part was where Mitch discovered a little fire in the engine compartment.

Is my envy showing?

If it weren't for me having genuine fear of She Who Will Be Obeyed, I would run away from home and get out there and cruise the Barco. But She would be disappointed in me. That would be the worst punishment, ever. So I endure.

Ahh, just the smells of fresh air, and worrying whether the anchor is going to hold... I'm talkin' fun, now... Go check out Mitch's pictures.

Other than Buck and Ann, most of us don't really ever get a chance to make that big journey, just for the journey!

By the way, Ann has uploaded some great photo's from her ongoing trip to California.

On the Wildebeest front, we still have not acquired the scanner we will need to get copies of charts uploaded, sorry for the delays.

Have a great Navy Day.


Liz said...

Hey, thanks Barco!

I have been fortunate in that I've been able to do the j.o.b. while on the move and this CA trip is actually a biz trip with the fun of rving rolled in - a first for me.

And thanks for the reminder for "Being out there"!

Hang in, the work week is drawing to a close :)!

Liz said...

Oh, it was Pleasant Hill in the East Bay.

Buck said...

Ann is still livin' the dream... I'm just livin' the memory. My "on the road" days are well and truly over. The urge to get up and go got up and went, as it's said. But I'm OK with that.

Thanks for the linky lurve!!

I'm also thinking it won't be too long before you embark on yet another adventure. I'm seeing that in the tea leaves.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck and Ann.

I look forward to getting "out there", again. As Anthony Burgess wrote, "Initiative comes to them's that wait."