Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I was looking for some other pictures and found this

This picture was taken in January 1991. I was standing in the back of the Hangar watching a distinguished visitor give a speech. Pretty much so far back as to be able to beat a hasty escape once the talkin' was done. Not to be...

This person came off the podium and headed straight for me, passing two of Chicago's finest to grip skin with me.

I felt like an idiot and had no idea I was photographed, otherwise I would have combed my hair (I had hat head). I wanted to murmur something about leaving the "e" off of a root vegetable, but the C.O. would have kicked my butt until there was no butt left to kick. (That C.O. went on to make Vice Admiral)

The VP seemed like a nice fellow, too bad the Press savaged him relentlessly for a spelling faux pas.

My past brushes with Political types was being the crewman on an SH3D/H with James Webb (Assistant Sec of Navy) as our VIP Pax. I said "Hello" to Dianne Feinstein once, when she was Mayor of San Francisco at some Navy League Function when I was a Navy Recruiter. (Feinstein was thought of as being extremely friendly to the Navy).

I would offer that I am just cruising through and bump into interesting characters here and there.


LL said...

Dan Quayle was a nice guy. A conservative so the press chopped him every chance they could. I wonder what they'd do to Biden if he was a Republican?

James Webb's roommate at school was a CO of mine, therefore I met him years ago when he was A/SecNav. He seemed very down to earth.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Funny how intolerant so-called liberals are if they think you aren't one of "them". They will hurl the worst epithets and racist/sexist slander. Forget about Freedom of Speech. That is only afforded to those who think as they do.

Liz said...

I liked Dan Quayle and believed him to be a smart and competent man...he was certainly smart enough to marry a smart woman :)!

Glad you found and shared the photo.

Old NFO said...

Good one Barco :-)

Buck said...

Nice pic... hat-hair and all!

You mean you had a shot at Feinstein and didn't take it? For shame... :D