Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello fans of the Commander Salamander!

Glad to have you aboard!

I am a retired AW who lived like a Shoe having done 3/4's of my career onboard Frigates and Destroyers as a deployed Lamps helicopter aircrewman.

I am partway through a description of my return from Navy life in London via my sailboat "Wildebeest III" which we sailed from the UK to St Augustine ten years back.

Our story has us stopping in Leixoes, Portugal.

Thanks for coming by.



Glenn Mark Cassel said...

Ten years back............ I was at Bombardier Learjet. I retired a few years before then. Most of the Ships and Squadrons I was in are....gone. Passed into history. And I do not claim the current versions of the Argonauts at NAS Lemoore and embarked in USS John Stennis. We were an A-7 outfit then, no plastic. It is not the same. The squadron I was in when I retired is VAQ-140, soon they will transition to the EA-18G from the EA-6B. Plastic is different and doesn't count. The only unit that will be left that I served in is SeaOpDet, Lemoore. I am an original San Joaquin Valley Bastard Stepchild from 1987. Older, maybe wiser, grandfather and cancer survivor. And dc, I got my EAWS in 1986. And just for giggles, I had a lottery number in the last draft. Grad/turned 18 in 1972, we were the last ones to be drafted. They only took 1 through 10. I was holding 343. And I still went in. I am from Havre, Montana. Good reason to run away to sea.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hello ORPO, always good to have the ground pounders here. I had a friend or two who worked the sewer pipes at VA 304. Back then, I was flying in H-3's that had been built in 1961-65. Sikorsky Iron.

I was lucky to have been in rotary wing, but it was luck of the draw since I was an undesignated airman in 1979. They assigned me to HS and that led me to being an Aircrewman.

But having runaway to sea twice, I keep the ocean as a ready-bailout option.