Friday, November 13, 2009

I am stealing Jihad Gene's theme this afternoon

Our Dear Reader always has a Friday dance theme; I happened to find one of the big hits from my neighborhood in 1977;

Blue Oyster Cult;


The next cut became the unofficial must listen for the Hancock Squadron;

"Golden Age of Leather"

1977 and 1978 were tough times...

I won't even start on "Foghat Live". Because I'm just a fool for the city!


JihadGene said...

Great Reader, KIM Jong IL's favorite LOOONG time!!!

Pyongyang, West Coast

Buck said...

I won't even start on "Foghat Live".

Or Robin Trower, either. ;-)

Yeah... '77 - '78 were rough years. They also happened to be the last years before I re-married, so we had to get all that "second childhood" crap out of our system. Rough. REALLY rough. Heh.