Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slacking again

The perceived coldness of Florida winter brings a hesitance to do anything, especially outside. This has nothing to do with writing and updating this blog, I am just getting started on the excuses for my laziness. But I am still walking outside at 0600, even though there was a supposed wind chill of 28° F. It felt cold, but I have no idea how they come up with those figures, I saw the temp as 40° F, period.

The photo's I had of Guadeloupe are hiding, but I am sure when I look for beach pictures I will find Guadeloupe instead. Such is the luck I have.

Lately, I have been reading other sailing blogs in order to enjoy super stories of better boating. I feel hopelessly underqualified to even go out on the water, the other stories are so well written and presented. Cruising with Prudence is my latest read, the writing is almost impeccable and the stories are close to what mine were/are for the early years of sailing. A main advantage to the new blogs is that technology (Digital Photography) aids the presentation with hundreds of photographs that were not available when I was learning about boating. Film was to be rationed and had a short lifetime out on the water. Our digital camera can hold thousands of pictures. Ya shoot and edit later.

Highlight of today is that the Yard Guy, (Jerry) and our Boat Maintainer (Nick) came by for their checks. Lucky thing is that today, we have an equal number of checks and money to match in the account. Glory!

I will return later with more substance. Have a good afternoon.

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Buck said...

It's STILL miserable, cold, and gray here... so I sympathize.

You're right about digital photography vs film. Teh Teknik is just wonderful!