Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Updates

The Barco Sin Vela was scheduled for a trip to Black Creek this weekend, but plans were changed in the last day due to a family member passing away in Michigan. Even if someone's passing was sort of predicted, it still does not make it easy on a family to lose that loved one. Especially when that loved one has always been there, since 1914. The funeral will be very crowded, this is due to there being at least 1500 close relatives. I am not making that number up.

The Spousal Unit has departed for Muskegon this morning and will be there for tomorrow's funeral while I remain home and complete scheduled maintenance on the boat. Those batteries won't just get miracled into place!

She Who Will be Obeyed thought about my needs for this weekend, she actually went to the store and got me a pack of hot dogs, buns, and some spicy chicken wings from Publix. This is because I tend to eat sparsely whenever I am alone, not wanting to bother with making a mess. There are plenty of steaks, and other fine foods in the freezer, I just get lazy if I am cooking for one and actually prefer to have sandwiches, hot dogs and PBR for my daily victuals. Heavy on the PBR.

PBR is not just for breakfast, anymore.

Call me a hermit, or better yet; Call me a Pizza!

By the way, my keg of London Pride is almost floated. There was a phone call for a replacement, but I cannot plan if one will be positively available. This may call for drastic measures, like Grolsch or Sierra Nevada. The billiards table requires a proper beer accompaniment. That's how I roll.

Don't forget to watch the USA Hockey game today, the Ladies' Team is scheduled for a 1700 Hockey Clinic, in which they will teach the Canadian Ladies the finer points of how the game is really played. The Men's Hockey team had a victory over the Swiss, yesterday. I have a feeling the Canadian Men's Team is hoping for a Gold Medal rematch with Team USA in order to regain some lost pride. It would be doubleplus good if the USA gives them a reprise of last week's game.

Good thing I have a flat screen HD tv in the billiards room to go along with the kegerator. I shan't be lonely with all of that.


LL said...

I'm with you on your choice of representation at the funeral. I'd much prefer to remain behind, working on the boat, eating the odd hot dog and watching the Olympics.

It's not a lack of love - but Michigan in February......send the wife to fly the family flag!!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks for coming by LL, but you are correct about the weather up there. It's a wonder people actually enjoy the weather up there.

Good luck on the book!

Buck said...

My condolences.

I agree with ya about Michigan in February, too... what with being a veteran of ten Dee-troit winters. It ain't the snow so much as it is the oppressive, omnipresent GRAY.

We also agree on Singular Cuisine. Except I'm heavy on New Belgium products. ;-)

Finally... the hockey has been out-frickin'-standing!!!