Monday, August 9, 2010

Beveridge Reef

OK,  so I am no good at Google Maps but Darryl just called from Beveridge Reef.  It is an Atoll in the middle of the South Pacific.  They are anchored in the Southeast corner in 10M of water.  The ocean outside the reef is 5,000M!!!

He said it is absolutely awesome and he doesn't use the word awesome lightly.  He said it is so dark at night that the anchor light looks like Venus.

Their position is:

Lat 20 degrees 01.291 S
Long 167 degrees 45.469 W

It took them 5 days to get there.  They will leave tomorrow or the next day for the overnight passage to Niue.  They are having entirely too much fun!

More later.....



Ken n Cheryl said...

Can't wait for the pictures!

Buck said...

They are having entirely too much fun!

Dang, I hope not! I wake up with a hangover every time I have too much fun. That wouldn't make for good navigation.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Buck; Ken n Cheryl;

Thanks, Guys!

I am in Niue, it was a very bumpy ride but it was only for 15 hours.

As for Hangovers... Nope. Dry boat underway. But the sea and the night stars really give all the senses maximum input so a beer would just fuzz things up.

I promise to get photos as soon as we can get a good link via wi-fi.