Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What can I say...

South Pacific internet sucks the the big one. We are in the middle of nowhere, but I still expect to be in contact with home.

After three weeks, I have flown to the Cook islands, spent six great days meeting wonderful new friends and visited some very interesting places. Afterwards; off to Beveridge Reef, five days and four nights later.

Three fabulous days and we were off to Niue, one very busy night and we arrived at 1030, local. Stayed in Niue for five days and did a two night motoring passage to Tonga.

I'm out of breath. My years of sailing have not prepared me for the South Pacific. No bad people, no thieves or beggars. Just very conservative people trying to eke out a life in the middle of nowhere, and yet they still welcome these fabulously wealthy tourist cruisers.

Yes, to the locals I am a millionaire, but to me I still have to mind my pints and quarts because this all has to be paid for.

Just spent an hour talking with the Spousal Unit via Skype.

Funny how we can be a world apart yet still remain as close as ever. She will meet us in Fiji in two weeks. Ah, how I look forward to spending the eight days together on Beaujolais. More memories for our combined bank of bad habits!

Memories are really all we can have with our loved ones, right?

Here are some pics;
Callisto, an Amel 54 parked next to Beaujolais in Rarotonga

In Rarotonga, Chickens are Free Range and everywhere
Beaujolais in Rarotonga
Gaynor; the owner and proprietess is a wonderful host!

Leaving Rarotonga at 1400, westbound and down; loaded up and truckin'!


Buck said...

My Lord! The water in the last pic is so BLUE! All the other pics, in this post and the one above, are marvelous but it was the blue that floated my boat. Well, that and the "free beer" sign. ;-)

I'll say it yet again: I am SO envious!!!1!

Gary said...

Ah, Steinlager Pure, one of the great contributions to modern civilization from the Pacific rim....... I, too, am green with envy!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Yeah, the blue water with the hills in the background got my attention too. Never get tired of such beautiful sights.