Monday, August 9, 2010

Position Report

Self TestX
Latitude: -20.02111 Longitude: -167.75778 Stamp: 09/08/2010 00:23 Z 

Darryl has been pretty consistent about sending his position report on a daily basis - just not always at the same time!  Above is the position report he sent yesterday.  They should be nearing Niue and should be there later today or tomorrow.  They got a later start than planned out of Rarotonga.  They said it was due to a lack of wind but i suspect a bottle of rum had something to do with it!
Life has been pretty dull around here.  The most exciting thing is that last Monday someone stole my recycling bin.  So much for being a responsible citizen.
The Cats still miss Darryl a lot.  Mali goes through the house crying for him and is quite needy at night.  I actually started the barbecue Friday night without singeing anything or blowing up the house!  I was quite proud of myself and grilled a nice piece of salmon and some asparagus.
Signing out, SWWBO

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Buck said...

Thanks for the update, SWWBO. And congrats on the successful bbq outing! ;-)

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