Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo dump part two: Off to Beveredge and Niue

After almost a week in Rarotonga, it was time to go. 566 miles to the next island, and our average speed would take us about 130 miles a day. There was plenty of wind moving in the right direction so we had a fine sail with a brief two night stop at Beveredge Reef.

There is another reef before Australia called Chesterfield Reef, I hope it is as nice and remote as Beveredge.

This to remind everyone that nothing changes at sea besides weather!

We always look for the green flash. It happens if the horizon is clear of clouds.

There was no moon out, Very dark at night.

You can just make out the breaking seas on the low coral atoll. This is after four nights at sea.

Naturally, a squall was racing to meet us at the entrance of the atoll.

Beveredge Reef had two other boats anchored. We meet the neighbors.


Breakers and calm water. What a treat!

Callisto in distance. They were next to us in Rarotonga.

Clear as bathwater.

Callisto inbound for visit.

We had the entire population of Beveredge over for beverages.

Underway for Niue

We keep vegies and fruit hanging in cockpit to enhance longevity.

Same as it ever was...

Usually, dinner time would accompany sunset. Then it was down to three on three off watches.


LL said...

I feel a yearning for the open ocean.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Will never be amazed by blue waters and sunsets. Looks like a great time!

Barco Sin Vela II said...


More pics to come.

T-Minus 14 days until I am back to Fiji to wrap up the Pacific with our destination being Bundaberg, Australia.