Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nothing really new going on here

Just juggling event from the day and trying to keep warm. Yesterday's excitement was returning home for lunch and discovering the smell of something burning in the air. It was like the airhandler for the A/C was doing something doubleplus ungood, there was also an aroma of oil in the air.

I called the local heating and airconditioning outfit who promptly sent out a technician. He arrived at 1400 and began tearing apart the airhandler.

Yep, the motor was leaking oil and it was shot. Thankfully, the motor was under warranty so he said it would be a two hour job and I only had to pay for labor.

I hate paying Journeyman's wages for trainees. This guy was not giving me warm and fuzzy feelings about his technical acumen. After struggling for three hours, he got the motor in and it worked. Warm air was flowing.

Not good enough, super-tech decided that we needed to make sure the outside compressor was working. He took it apart and had a rat attack him and then he decided the compressor was not working.

"But everything was working earlier, today..." I said in futility.

"Well, we gotta make sure that everything works. Did you know that you have rats in there?"

Like I really care... I will get some poison, later.

So after another hour and a half he puts it back together and calls it macaroni. Nothing had changed and everything worked. Like before.

"That'll be $321.00, please".

I just wrote out a check and dismissed him curtly. I weary that some will pad time for a few more bucks, but I was grateful that we were not going to have a air handler fire, like one of my insurance customers had on Monday.

That's how the week is going and we have a medical event for someone close to me this coming Monday, 0600.

Could all be worse; We could have had a house fire like the above mentioned customer.

"We endeavor to persevere," Says Chief Dan George (As Lone Watie: We thought about it for a long time, "Endeavor to persevere." And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union.)


Buck said...

I'm glad you dodged the fiery bullet. That could have been ugly for the holidays.

Good luck to your family member on the upcoming procedure.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck. The real stress starts in 48 hours.