Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back from my turn in the barrel

I just got home. Most of the work was pain free with the exception of the big back molar. It did not want to numb up, so I had a few twinges of momentary "OW's!"

The nice Doc stopped and hit me with some more novocaine directly where it was needed, which introduced me to two little jolts of sunshine before everything settled out. Really, the only problems were my jaw joints not wanting to separate in the manner of a snake while the good Doctor was carving out his niche. He was efficient and nice, so no complaints about his efforts.

I was hoping they would prepare me for a crown but instead I was given a big temporary filling and instructed to go see my regular jawbreaker for the crown and permanent fixes. I guess that's what you get for $348.00 worth of good work.

On the way home, I stopped off at my dentist's office and the nice lady offered a brief look over on the 28th, at 1030. Not really what I wanted scheduled, but I will take that up with her boss. Then the nice lady asked if I wanted to schedule my cleaning after my meeting?

"No. I don't want a cleaning, but if you want I will pay for the cleaning and pass on the work."

I then had to explain that I really want this crown in before we do anything else, and besides, I hate the pain I get for the cleanings. Cold water and high frequency sounds always bring me down...

So my lip is inflated, my jaw joints are sore and I am looking forward to losing my novocaine buzz. Maybe by dinner I will be back to normal but I am grateful to have access to some excellent dental care.

Back to work, everyone!


Buck said...

Ah. I feel yore pain, Darryl. I've bought... or at least I helped buy... a Porsche or two for various dentists in the course of my lifetime. But access to good dental care is indeed a blessing. Of sorts. Much more so if you have masochistic tendencies.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

All a person in the chair can do is try to keep the humor good.