Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Road Trip!

This past Friday night, we discovered a reason for to leave on a road trip.

Now, Road Trips are not trivial events, nosirree. The urge to go traveling may come to us in response to trivial events, but the actual travel is a portent of good times to come. Oh yes!

The last road trip was at least two years back, not counting Michigan Safari's. Indeed, our last Road Trip was in November of 2008. We went to Tampa/St Pete to look at purchasing a Trawler. We drove the four hours and inspected said vessel. We were less than inspired so we headed north in search of a place to stay. We wound up in Cedar Key and got a wonderful deal on a Condo for the night. It was water front and cost about 90 bucks.

Back to the present; We were due in Sarasota, a place I have never visited. Sarasota is about five hours from Jacksonville, so this was going to be a real Road Trip.

I received an inspiration at 0530; Why not rent a car from Avis?!

So we hopped on the internet and scheduled a car for us to rent at 0700, when the Avis shop opened at the Jax Airport.

Upon arrival at 0705, I was asked if I was a member of Avis quicker picker upper club?

Hmmmm, probably not, said I.

I gave my surname to the nice lady who pleasantly informed me that, "Yes, you are a member of that august club."

The results of this 1 minute exchange was that I showed my license and a credit card, signed a form and was driving away in less time than it takes to relay this story.

Off to a very pleasant road trip!

The two of us consolidated our bag and gear and headed down U.S. 301 without a cloud in the sunny Florida sky, passing pleasant old tourist traps and horse ranches.

Soon, we were in Ocala where we climbed aboard I-75 and hit the afterburner, maintaining speed with the traffic flow (About 85 mph!). We arrived in Sarasota about 1230 and made our appointment.

Our business was soon completed and we were back on I-4 heading East for Daytona. It was 1400 and we had wanted to return to Cedar Key, but we had forgotten the Florida Roadmap! Since we don't visit the West Coast very often, we are not as aware of the various road names and short cuts. Therefore, we departed to the East Coast where we know how to at least get home.

We cruised past the famed Daytona Speedway, the Rolex 24 hour race was underway and the crowd was milling about smartly.

After a bit, we crossed over the Halifax river to the Daytona Beach. Once there we made a left turn and headed North up A1A, looking for a place to eat and stay.

We selected the Best Western "Castillo Del Sol". $120 bucks got us a third floor Oceanfront Balcony room. Whooo-hoooo!

We stopped by Publix and picked up some sushi, hummus and olives along with two bottles of Champagne and two cans of Lager. Dinner would be by the ocean in the Florida chill.

Morning we awoke to sunshine which became fog. After brekky in the Hotel Restaurant we loaded up the family truckster and headed North on A1A in the morning sunshine, whizzing past beaches and sleepy houses in Ormand, Flagler, Marineland, Palm Coast and finally St Augustine.

At St Augustine we switched to US-1 and returned home.

After we fed the kitties we zoomed over to the Barco, untied her and took a river cruise to Doctor's Inlet with a couple of our friends.

At sunset, we regretfully returned the boat to her home and called it a weekend.

I really love living in Florida!

Hope everyone else had a good time where ever they call home, looking forward to a great year.


Ken n Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great time! We, too, are looking forward to a great year and getting one step closer to heading your way next year!

Buck said...

"Living well is the best revenge," so said someone very important, or old. I don't know who... or even if... you're revenging on, but it sure looks like you're living well.

I went and looked and see Avis is still doin' "Specialty" rentals. So did ya rent a Vette for the road trip? A SmartCar?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

K&C; Keep the eye on the prize! The St Johns River and Northeast Florida are outstanding as cruising destinations for low cost and high fun.

Buck; We rented a Nissan Altima (one way) for $52 bucks. I'll have some video up later...