Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday: Round Two with the Dental Profession

My normal Painless Dentist had me scheduled for a consult on 28 Feb, which I said before was not satisfactory. A friend of the Spousal Unit has a brother in law who has his Dental practice at Post and Stockton Street, Riverside. She called him up to see if he had room to fit me in on really short notice.

At 1030 I came to the Minta Dentistry Office and settled in for the hour visit. I was given two shots to renumbify the gums and he started grinding down the offending molar. By 1130 I was $783.00 lighter in the pocket but had a real nice temporary crown covering up what had been a very large pit in my molar. As of 1730 I am a very happy cat, no aches and I can actually chew on the port side!  This dental development will greatly assist me during tomorrow's 20th Anniversary Feast. Add in a pint of Fuller's London Pride and I am entering the weekend in style.

Tomorrow's feast will be at the Yacht Club's 1876 Steakhouse. We will dine on the best beef and consume the finest wines and as usual, there will be a 30 Year Old Graham's Tawny Port to be enjoyed with fine cheeses.  It will only be a great feast because of the special date I am bringing to the event...

I surprised the Spousal Unit with a Bouquet of 2 Dozen Roses at her place of employment. She triumphantly brought in her spoils and placed them on the billiards table.

Them became involved almost immediately.

"Them" (Malli and Saffy) always have to get involved.

I am a very lucky guy. Sometimes it all comes together in a positive way. Sure, someday I will suffer from whatever backlash continuous success brings; But I will keep my gratitude up to protect me from negativity and the bad stuff that seems to catch all of us in the end.

Worse thing that happens is I wind up living on a boat bereft of everything. The memories of these wonderful times with the Spousal Unit will keep me afloat and I will always have it better than somebody who is really suffering.

Thanks for following along with our boring stories, I look forward to telling about our next big trip up the St Johns River on the first week of April. It will be a return to Hontoon Island and this time we will bring along our friend Roger, late of the Sailing Vessel Beaujolais which carried me so nicely across the South Pacific.

Stay tuned, for more Rock and Roll!


Buck said...

I'm glad ya got the dental issue resolved, Darryl. That will make tonite's feast SO much better!

Congrats on your anniversary again. You are indeed one fortunate cat. (and the florist done good!)

LL said...

I enjoy your sea tales and your shore tales. Dining in -- and dining out. It all goes with living life abundantly.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Gracias, Amigos!