Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I dare you to go to the link. No; I double dog dare you!

Fort Polk Guardian 

Yet another great story of National Guard folks doing the hard work for the rest of us. Those Guy's ROCK!

I just wish the researchers could find a way to eliminate cancer. The Pharmaceutical companies  have stupid drugs available for every non-threatening ailment but not for the afflictions that hurt entire families.

If there was a prayer I would encourage people to pray; "God Damn Cancer! Please."

(We're still thinking about Team Julian!, up in Michigan)

Disclaimer; I saw that article at Confederate Yankee and Theo Spark. No, Theo, I can't link due to work.

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Buck said...

Many of the Soldiers — even seasoned ones who have seen battle — were at a loss for words as they observed Brennan’s quiet grace.

As am I. Life really sucks sometimes.