Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally Friday Again!

I need to get a keg of good beer for tonight. Thinking of Sierra Nevada... will have to call one of my mate's to go get it for me. Phil?

This commercial is one I loved watching in the late 90's when I only had four channels on the boat tv, back when we lived in St Katherine's Dock. Listen to the unexpected Manchester accent on the dude;

The road trip begins late morning tomorrow, after hair cuts and last minute packing. We will be staying at some youth hostel in downtown Charleston, hopefully it will be adequate for the Barco Crew.

Two ships I served aboard were homeported in Charleston; Strike Trawler Deyo and El-Rod. I never really got to see the town, I was usually headed to one of the Sailor watering holes or too busy loading or unloading our gear. This time I will be forced to be a tourist.

Saturday evening we will dine at some bowery beanery which requires a dress t-shirt. The flophouse has some sort of voucher to pay for our hash so the evening is planned and will be executed accordingly.

Sunday we will wander about downtown. Watching the Detectives.

Monday is when we shall move to the Airport Convention center and stay at the Embassy Suites (At last, a reputable Bunkhouse!) and at about 2000 we get to watch Elvis Costello and the Imposters. I am looking forward to the concert since I really enjoyed the last one. It's kind of nice to be able to run off on a junket like this on sort of short notice. Just a five hour drive (Right!) and we are in vacation mode.

I can't believe it has been a year since the last big trip. It would be nice if I could go on another one. By the way, Beaujolais is still available in Newcastle, Australia. The price for a cruise ready 1979 CSY 44 with new paint is around $100K.

Me wish'm I could scrape up the money. Imagine the great sail from Australia back to the U.S.! By the way; I am available to deliver this fine vessel if one of the readers would be interested in purchasing Beaujolais. I think Roger would, too.

Speaking of availability for travel; Mel! I'm still interested in moving your trawler from Michigan to Florida. You know where to find me.


Buck said...

Ah. I've tossed down a pint or three of Boddington's. Nice ad.

So when were you homeported in Charleston? SN2 was there when he did that A-ganger thang on boomers... specifically the James K. Polk... from around '87 to '89. I think that was when he was there, but memory is a funny thing. It could have been slightly later.

Have fun and say hi to Diana for me if ya run into her.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Buck; 90-94