Saturday, February 11, 2012

The big day of celebration!

Today I get to celebrate the 21 years of fun with She Who Will Be Obeyed!

Hard to believe that time has indeed flown by. I certainly am grateful for all of the good stuff that has happened to me since I had the good fortune to Marry-the-Right-Lady... She  always thinks of the positive in any situation and always cheerfully faces adverse times with great fortitude and quiet strength.

I, on the other hand will fly off the handle with least provocation and can be counted on to flail about like a deflating balloon when ever something does not go my way. She still lets me stay with her, and again, my unending gratitude.

Here are a few photos over the years, not in any particular order. One thing the reader will notice is that the water is always nearby.

We sail oceans, together! That's how we roll...

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Our first Squadron Christmas Party 1990
I kind of remember the thoughts in my mind at that party; I was with a hottie who along with good looks and great taste in Gentleman escorts had earned a Masters Degree at twenty three and she had a big future ahead. Things were certainly looking up for the Kid! All I needed to do was figure a way for us to afford our sail boat and go sailing with that particular sweetheart...

Praia Da Roca, Portimao Portugal

Nine years after the Christmas photo found us living on our sailboat and actually doing some real cruising. Way. Beyond. Expectations! That photo was taken at a little cafe on a cliff.

Doing the Navigation while crossing Atlantic
We found out quickly that three hours on the helm, hand steering a twenty five thousand pound sailboat in medium seas was her hitting a bit above her boxing weight. My Favorite Girl took over the Navigation for the 23 day crossing, and I never had to doubt her skill. We always made it to wherever we were going in the time she predicted.

Friendship Bay, Bequia (St Vincent and the Grenadines)

Ok, we made it across the Atlantic on our first try. It was now time to have fun. And despite a bad ankle, She Who Will Endure would hike for miles cheerfully exploring the various islands.

Are you starting to think I might have a crush on this girl? Ile De Saints, Guadeloupe.
No doubt about it. Where ever we go, we meet great new friends and create wonderful memories.

Another Anniversary, another ship. Holland America Ship Zaandam. We had our usual Balcony Suite.

We definitely enjoy traveling. It's a way to go to distant lands, meet interesting people and get to see which drinking establishments will actually let us in. I think they let me in because I bring my own girl.

We always enjoy fine dining, too. 
She thinks I clean up adequately enough to allow me to escort her to fine establishments. We also eat exceedingly well, which explains my expansion of girth. I am like a liferaft; You pull the cord and it explodes into large fluffy action. In my case the cord is good food and drinks.

Aruba, ABC Islands. (I am fluffing up from the great wines and foods!)
I have traveled to many places in our small world. As such I prefer to bring my own sunshine whenever possible. She's next to the goofy guy...  On that particular trip we visited Aruba, Curacao, Panama Canal, Costa Rica and the Bahamas.

Transiting the Panama Canal
As most of you know, we like to stay closer to home, too. On the Barco Sin Vela;

She likes to drive our boats. I think she looks better at the helm.

And I get to bring sammiches for her.

Sunday morning Brekkies on the Barco Sin Vela

Any beach, anywhere. Fiji.

Always comfortable in the cockpit of a sailboat. Fiji.

Glass of Champagne while anchored in Fiji.

Sunset Champagne in Fiji.
While growing up, there was some physical adversity for my favorite girl. Someone was hit by a car at seven years of age and spent many years in wheel chairs and on crutches, suffering through endless physical therapy trying to learn to walk again. She knew that someday she would indeed walk, leave her home in Traverse City and see the world. And she lets me tag along. (Okay, you can start to tell that I have the tiniest crush, right?)

These few pictures are evidence of those travels.  We hope Barbie Golden sees these pictures and remembers the little girl in crutches that Barbie made so much fun of. Heh. The Barco Crew Lives Well. And remembers where we came from, too.

The eternal cribbage match. Camping Cabin edition.
When we aren't on the high seas or at a beach, you can find us visiting Michigan with her family. There is a multi-year Cribbage Match that is ongoing either in Florida or in Traverse City. Sometimes it happens in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in a simple cabin. I had to learn cribbage while sailing the Atlantic and Caribbean, it was required. You might say that I'm the designated loser. Either way, it's always pleasure to spend time with the Spousal Unit.

At Grand Marais, Michigan with Her Mom.

One of my favorites of the Spousal Unit... Rum Cay Bahamas
So, tonight we celebrate the previous 21 years and prepare for maybe another 62. I am having fun and I know she is enjoying herself, too.  Help us celebrate our great love by remembering your own loved ones and by letting them know that you are grateful for their presence, too!

Dining will be of the finest beef served by the Yacht Club in their 1876 Restaurant. Dessert will be Vintage Port and Cheese. What good fun, no?

Please have a wonderful weekend, each and all!

A cool video in honor of this day;


Buck said...

Happy Anniversary, Darryl. I love a great love story... especially one that spans the continents. Or the oceans, in your case.

JihadGene said...

Wonderful! Happy for you both very LOOONG time!!! Congratulations.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Guys!

We had a great dinner and did not feel so badly on Sunday... We shared our Port!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Happy belated Anniversary .. and Happy Valentine's Day! Love the pics!