Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello Again

I have endured the worst head cold for years, this particular version has lasted since Thursday. Ruined the whole weekend and beginning of this week, I only regained use of my sinuses yesterday. At least as far as breathing and not the creation of some mystery substances that cause coughing and flooding. Now the Spousal Unit is getting her chance in the fight-to-breathe olympics...

In honor of feeling much better on Tuesday, I went to the boat to clean and ready her for this weekend's Frostbite Cruise up Black Creek. I cleaned the heads and discovered that the rear head was inop. I fiddled for a couple of hours before I decided to panic and call the professionals for help.

I snapped off a quick phone photo to prove I was outside, playing. Note the lines on the front which are ready for dock workers to grab without me leaving the helm.

I was underway solo (With my Float Coat on!) at 2:45 and was in the berth at Sadler Point Marina about forty five minutes later. Really nice to be on the river, alone, with no other traffic or any other interruptions. I really need to do this more often, right? (Except without the malfunctioning stuff)

Got tied up and spoke with the Service Manager. Of course, when I tried to show the head not working, well, it worked. Just to make me look stupid. The work is going forward, anyway. There are some other issues with the vacuum pump that need immediate attention.

So there.

Friday we will repeat last year's fun trip to the Ira Farm on Black Creek. Film at eleven!

Have a nice Wednesday...

Here is an ancient video, I can barely stand to remember. The ship was south of Turkey, somewhere near Syria. I "owned" the passageway outside the office and we were tasked with painting it. I borrowed the ships video camera and made a short video. It sucks.

No wonder the New Spousal Unit never believed me when I told her I hated it out at sea. It was just when we got ashore that we tried to make up for the difficulties of being away from home.

A couple of shipmates, Steve O'Dea and Ray McClure learned earlier that Summer to always hitch along with whatever fool idea I had about sailing. We came upon some crazy deals which got us out on the water, usually unsupervised with beer being a common component. (There are a bunch of pictures of this particular event, I just don't have them with me for this posting...)

A few more photos from that month, or so (September '91); Click to enlarge.

I took this photo through the plexiglas of my window while flying past.
Ray McClure driving 44 foot sailboat in Turkey

Me driving the biggest boat I had ever had control of, with no experience!

Me acting like I knew what to do... Marmaris, Turkey. Sept '91

Ray McClure and Steve O'Dea. we were smirking about how we had chartered a 44 ft sailboat for a hundred bucks!

I jump with a full beer, because I could. There was no way it would be submerged when I hit. Ya just do a scissor kick on entry!

No beer was spilled in this stunt.

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Buck said...

Yeah, I'd have a hard time believing you hated it out at sea, too. It just looks like you're having too much fun.