Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writers Block

I have nothing to report. Went boating on Saturday, it was nice and enjoyable. This week has had a bit of excitement; The Family Truckster is over at Brumo's having some maintenance performed. I think the car (Service Department) is getting some rhinoplasty, botox and maybe a little butt-lift, from the prices quoted for a couple of issues. A "Crank Shaft Sensor" has been replaced and now the suspension hydraulics are being flushed and new filters are being installed. At great expense. Oh yes, and an "A" Servicing.

It's what I get for acting like a big shot and not buying a Subaru. We should have bought an airplane.

So, the other thing we got going is the annual celebration for the formalization of the household union. So that calls for the usual special dining at the Tennis Club (I mean Yacht Club) on Saturday, with dinner concluded with yet another bottle of Vintage Port. ('85 Dow's)

That concludes my reportage on a slothful lifestyle. It does not suck to be me!

Have a nice rest of the week!


JihadGene said...

Glad you got out on the water! Hope you don't need a Wall Street bailout to pay for vehicle repairs.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Gene. Glad to see you stopping by...

Yes, a bairout. Me want!