Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still here and in service!

Nothing much to report, other than some very fine weather;)

Just finished a record 45 minutes on the stairway to no where and walked a around the block to cool down in the balmy 70+degree air.

After the clean up I shall amble over and perform my civil duty and vote for the least detestable candidate, over at the local voting station.

Note to my fellow Americans; Let's scrap the current primary system. I hate that Iowa, Vermont/New Hampshire and the Carolina's get to decide which candidates go home and leave us in Florida with a lesser number to choose from. I liked when a candidate could get in the race during the election year and make a real difference. See Reagan and Brown in '76 and I'm sure a bunch of better examples in earlier years.

But at least we still get a vote, for now.


Buck said...

I'm surprised 38 Paulbots haven't flooded your comments with poli-spam. Really. Srsly.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Yeah, the New LaRouche has rabid fans. I keep politics out of this because I am not smart enough to properly defend my ideas to trained debaters.

Master Debaters, at that.