Friday, January 6, 2012

Update on Maintenance

Progress is being made. I stopped by this afternoon to check out the status and wound up being pulled into the effort. The Yard people were unable to remove and replace the fridge at the current dock so they had me move the boat over to the haulout berth. Took a few minutes to untie and move from the dock, muscle the Barco about to the right and move about 25 feet. What makes all this interesting is that the space between piers is about 50 feet and the Barco is 40 feet long. That means nerves of steel as we back up, stop, twist to the right, all while the current is merrily pushing to the east.

I looked adequate as a boat handler. Had I not appeared, the yard crew was going to use lines to warp the boat around. My way saved about an hours work.

Looks like something is missing...

Had to remove the side access to increase the clearance.

Looks like four monkeys doing something unnatural to a football!

Without a scratch or dent!

Got it?
One thing I appreciate is that there are four guys to help muscle that thing in. Once inside, they had to lift and clear a countertop and wiggle around until it was just right. There are some alterations that will happen to the fridge closet, the clearances are an inch or two off. That's why I hired the pro's. They have an awesome set of tools and a bit of experience to get the job done right.

Great way to spend an afternoon in the Florida sunshine, at a working marina!

Have a wonderful Friday evening!


Buck said...

Workin' on a boat looks every bit as daunting as workin' on an RV, mebbe more so. I hired pros to do this stuff, too.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

It's the experience of having done a certain install over and over which saves on the time spent learning and avoiding rookie mistakes. We are in agreement, especially because doing it via pro's means saving a bit of the resale value of your machine.

Plus; I'm going to sell the old fridge, it works just fine for someone else's boat!