Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prepare the Barco for getting underway!

We are off at 0745ish for Sadler Point Marina. A new refrigerator has arrived and needs to be professionally installed. There are a few other tasks (Head system, forward A/C) that will also be checked and tweaked by the technicians, too. After the work is complete we will head over to another marina to load on about 300 gallons of diesel.

It is 35 degrees outside, so now I must rustle up some thermals and a warm jacket. I hate doing anything in the cold.

Have a nice thursday!


Ok, back at home at 1100. It. Was. Freezing. At 0730 at the marina! I looked over the dock and waited for Barco Crew Phil to come pick me up at Sadlers. I was not too keen on going out in 35 degrees temps, but I was committed. Got to the boat, fired up the motors on the Barco at about 0800 and let those babies warm up for twenty minutes. The Generator was a real trooper and ran the A/C system which has reverse cycle heat. Blessed heat.

Underway at 0825, we backed slowly into Pirates Cove, made the clearing turn and opened the throttles to 1800 rpm, which drove us at a bit more than eight knots. There was no one else on the water but us freezing cats! It was so cold, I could not roll up the eisenglass flaps for visibility up in the fly bridge. I had to hold the flap up like a moron while I steered the boat away from the shore.

The chat subject de jure was Phil's upcoming trip to the Bahamas and South Florida. A much warmer subject, to be sure and full of what if's and what to do's. Wish I could go...

We passed through the half opened Ortega River Bridge and chatted amiably with the workers on the scaffold who were pretending to work as we passed, slowly.  About five minutes later we were greeted by one of the Sadler Point employees who was nice enough to grab lines as we docked.

The sun was definitely over the yard arm as we tidied up for work. In fact, it was getting down right warm and I wish we could have stayed out for a bit more of boating on the empty river.

'Til later...

Let's have some Música Nueva (from 1955) from Cuba to warm us up!


Ken n Cheryl said...

Sounds like a cold but productive weekend ahead for ya'll ... except for having to pay for those 300 gallons of diesel .. lol! Happy 2012!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Guys!
I added a few more items to the punch list; Change oil and filters on 2X Perkins 200's and Kohler 7.5kw Genset. Change out packing glands on both shafts, and all the rest.

It's only money, right? (Not that any is coming in our direction!) But it is good to let the pro's take care of some of this if only to keep things right when they go wrong in the middle of a repair. That and there is legal recourse if they foul up something.

Buck said...

"Wild and savage?" Mambo? My, how times change!

You're a braver man than I when it comes to getting on the water at 35 degrees... but a comittment is a comittment. Good On Ya fer that.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Wild and savage; Like Good Gangsta Rap

Da boat is in work and I had people in motion supporting the effort, so that means getting outside to play in the cold.