Monday, January 23, 2012

Sorry for the long break, again.

I keep failing my reader(s) out there and neglect doing the necessary duties of creating updates to keep keep this all interesting.

Very quiet weekend, went over to the boat to test out the fridge system. Learned the hard way that one must check fridge door storage shelves to make sure they are properly installed and capable of bearing the weight of a 1.5 liter bottle of wine. I rigged the top shelves just fine. But the bottom shelf kicked the bottle of wine out where it was able to shatter all over the small teak floor, with wine seeping into the bilges through the slats. I guess I can forget about walking in the galley barefooted for the next few months. It is a guaranteed fact of life that the last three invisible shards of glass shall wind up being inevitably located by the first or second feet that tread upon the teak floor!

It took over an hour to mop up the wine and pick up the shards of glass. She Who Will Be Obeyed stayed up in the Sundeck whilst I toiled. She thinks that He Who Breaks shall Unbreak...

I cleaned using a little of the bleach cleaner but there was a  a slight residual smell of Pinot Grigio warring with the clorox cleaner for air dominance. So I opened up some doors and let the wind do the work. This was when we decided to go to the Club for lunch, and maybe a spot of unsullied wine and beer.

Lunch was finally over at about 8:00 pm, and when we got back to the boat it was as clean as can be. We retired to the master cabin and had a nice night away from home (and the three ever-present cats!) We were back home by 0830, Sunday. It was a full day of football and hanging out, subsisting on propane grilled hot dogs; my favorite kind of day.

The weather is really nice out here, too. It is in the upper 70's and we have beautiful blue skies to add the happiness quotient. I really enjoy this time of year, if you haven't heard that time and again. One must endure, I guess.

This would be a good time to begin varnish work. But I know deep down that the minute I break out  the paint brushes will be the same moment that the weather will turn nasty, cold and wet. It seems that mother nature doesn't like varnishing teak, either.

Initiative comes to those who wait, Me Droogies... (We watched that little film yesterday afternoon. Still disturbing and very prophetic.)

More tomorrow. I promise!


Buck said...

You HAVE had a run o' fine WX, haven't you? We have too, but it all comes to a crashing end tonite, with snow in the forecast. It IS January...

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Yeah, but the forecast is to be colder this weekend. Darn it!