Monday, April 2, 2012

The Boot is here!

Up and at 'em at 0500, the kitteh's wanted brekkies and I complied. Got the Spousal Unit up at 0545, we had a big morning ahead with TWO doctor appointments. We carefully loaded the family truckster with herself and I discovered the scooter does not fit in the trunk with the top down. We need the top down to get Her in without any drama... We have 40 minutes before our scheduled show time so I had to move quickly. I placed the scooter (wedged is a better description) behind the seats and we powered on into the morning traffic.

It got slow towards downtown and I only drove a bit aggressively, and we arrived with twenty minutes to spare. We sat for ten minutes and the nice nurse came out and asked us into an examination room. When the big clippers came out I slipped outside to the waiting area.

What could go wrong?

I was afraid of seeing green goo under the bandages which would indicate something going way wrong, that's what.

I went back in a few minutes later and saw an eight inch incision on the outside with a number of staples holding it all together. The wound was mostly dry with just a bit of small scabbing, no angry red welts or anything like that! In fact, it looked like she was healed, around her heel... Nevertheless, I still felt a little like throwing up.

The Doctor came in and asked how I was doing... Thanks, Doc.

He asked a few questions and looked at his handiwork closely. Then, he started cutting the staples out. I looked away, not wanting to see something that might hurt.

The Doctor was emphatic about us following his instructions to the "T", and he was getting nothing but "Aye-Aye, Sir" from us. He soon left and another Gent came in to re bandage and splint the ankle. We were now the proud owners of a $500 boot. Lots of velcro and an air pump to help keep everything immobilized. With that we were invited to the Cashier office to cough up our deductible (a mere $50!), which I paid with cash (While loudly complaining that they were taking my Dancing Girl Money!)

So now we were off to the other Doctor office. We got there and there was about twelve people in front of us but we waited for about one minute before a very entertaining lady came out and with great pomp and circumstance,  invited everyone to the next area! Once there we waited another three minutes until a skinny and very young Doctor came out and asked us into his office.

When this Doctor had learned that we had lived overseas, he asked a very serious question... "Which Football Club are you a fan of?"

"Well, if you are talking proper Football it would be Arsenal."

He really reacted to that answer, with great relief and a bit of pride. Another Arsenal Fan!

We chatted about good Indian food and where to eat, yadda-yadda.  We were also treated to some great news on the health front concerning Vitamin B-12, and how the body holds it for two years. Great news since somebody has been getting B-12 shots now going on three years.

After about ten minutes of warm chat, we were sent away feeling very well served. Jacksonville Orthopedics and the other place (Can't mention the name because it's unmentionable) The Something Specialists have really gone to great lengths to make us healthy and happy. The city we live in is a wonderful place for medical opportunities, why Jacksonville even has a Mayo Clinic!

So now we are back to the routine a bit more comfortable and confident of our chances for success with the ankle procedure.

Have a great week!


Buck said...

Great good news, on the whole. I'd have failed the futbol test. Miserably. That might have boded ill for the patient if I'd been accompanying her, but fortunately... I was not.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Yep, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition in a Docotr's office!