Monday, July 16, 2012


Mid Summer Doldrums.

No wind, lots of heat and a general lethargy is dragging the Barco Crew. I am not complaining, just moving a bit slower these past few days.  Nothing really of note is happening save that the Spousal Unit is on her last week of physical therapy, which is a good thing. She is still kind of sore and not walking at 100%, but this is a long process. I'm thinking we will be back doing the neighborhood walks within three or four months. The pain is the sort that is from healing and stretching, not the intense hurt of arthritic bones grinding to powder with each step. There is happiness today, especially on the ankle front!

We stopped by the Barco on Saturday intending to stay the weekend, just the two of us. It was hot and breezy, so we stopped by the Club to say hello. Nobody we knew was there so I had four cokes and we decided we were too bored to stay aboard after all. So we went home and watched movies at the house. That idea saved us from buying dinner and drinks at the club which would have been as pricey as a hundred bucks, or so.

Friday was the "Scratch Off Coupon" day at the Base NEX. So I got a Apple TV converter and a 2 Terrabyte hard drive for our computer. The Apple TV thing allows us to use Netflix on our LCD TV and watch movies and old shows right from our internet. Adam 12 for everyone! DirectTV will be reviewed over the next couple months and we will at the very least get rid of the HBO/Showtime. It gets wearisome to pay $143.00 a month and have hardly anything worth watching. There is a Hulu Plus that we will review, too. Technology is a great thing, but are we happier now? Back in the 70's, we had maybe ten channels on the TV and watched about the same amount of crap as today, but those ten channels were free.

Speaking of Adam 12; We spent Friday night watching the first three episodes. I loved that show as a kid, but the stories and acting still hold their own in this "enlightened age", 43 years later. Jack Webb stunted script delivery and all.

No plans for the next five weeks. I feel like we are stranded on a sand bar.

Maybe it would be better if we could all be Somewhere Over China?

Have a nice week!

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Buck said...

We're in the doldrums here as well, both weather-wise and mentally. Yer last week sounds better than mine, however. Just sayin'. ;-)