Monday, July 30, 2012

Nothing notable to report

Fairly quiet weekend. We did not take the boat out, our new bimini is not ready to be installed, maybe in a couple days.

We will have a blue colored top.

One does not boat in Florida without having cover above your noggin. The sun will wreck you physically in a couple hours, we know this from experience. I sewed a bimini seam that was twelve feet wide on a sunny afternoon in August, by hand. That memorable day is seared into our consciousness.

I take the moment to talk about sun covers because the Barco Crew was invited to a friend's home on Black Creek. They have a little cottage and two docks on the Creek with about seven acres to keep it all cozy. Our hosts were disappointed we arrived by car, but when we did get there the heavens had opened up with a couple of inches of rain, so it goes. It was a great evening of steaks, three bottles of wine and all of our admiration for such a wonderful home.

I suppose most of you are watching the Olympics, I relented and watched a couple hours last night. Our women's gymnastics team look very formidable. When they walk and get to their business, I feel afraid for no reason in general. These young ladies look tough and smart. Kind of like a group of Air Force Fighter Pilots;  Good looking but having no fun of any kind, allowing no buckles to be swashed. You know, like sharks. Go swash buckles on your own time, Bub. Except for the fun one, Gabby. She seems to have a real nice smile to go with her talent. Go USA!
Do not tease or mess with these athletes.

Have a great week!


Buck said...

I haven't watched any of the Olympics so far, other than 20 minutes of the Opening Ceremonies. I prolly should, coz it's like a patriotic duty. Or sumthin'.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I say you might watch the wimmin's. Seriously badass talent there.