Monday, April 15, 2013

Recovering from the weekend

The Barco Crew had a very social weekend with us dining impromptu on Friday evening with this person followed by a home meal on Saturday evening served by this author. I'm not worthy...

Fascinating conversation and lovely food and drink were enjoyed by all and Monday morning finds us needing a couple days off to rejuvenate our tired selves. Tough duty, indeed.

The Yatch (sp. int) Club had live music and a huge crowd for Friday and Saturday in support of a major Tennis function and a sailing regatta. We stayed both nights onboard the Barco because gravity and a packed parking lot required we stay local. It was fun watching other people doing the walk of shame with us when we departed for home in the morning wearing the glad rags of the evening before. Way too much fun! The Club was busy and there was always some friendly faces to greet us no matter what time we would pop by to watch the action.

There will be busy days coming up and someone nearby is getting a cataract removed so I will be the duty driver who will ensure the subject will be present at the appointed hour.

Have a nice week!

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