Saturday, April 6, 2013

Returning to a more normal life

A very good time was had with the Barco Crew, motoring to Hontoon Island State Park and return. We began the trip on Saturday afternoon by motoring to Six Mile Creek. Dinner was at the Crabshack where the Barco Crew destroyed TWO platters of Low Country Boil seafood and at least six pitchers of Stella. The pitchers of beer were $7.50 each(!) so it was with heavy hearts that we attempted to drink All. The. Beer.

Dinner tab was picked up by the Yooper (Thanks!!!) and we retired back to the boat for night caps and sleep.

0400 we were up and had the motors running for a 0410 departure in the bright moonlight. The journey to Hontoon Island took about eleven hours and we planned on arriving towards the end of the day. There was plenty of wildlife to be seen, mainly alligators sunning on shoreside logs.

Some photos:

Please click picture to enlarge!

On Lake George we saw a Sentinel near the Bombing Range...

We will dedicate this great photo to our friends who are "On Watch". Lake George Bombing Range targets are in the background.

The normal way to visit the park is by boat.

Buzzard awaits breakfast time.

Skunked on the fishing, we still had fun.

Bruce watches the marina for us.

Barco Crew assembled on deck.

Heading Northwards...

Site of the infamous Beer Run
The Running Portion of the Beer Run.

Judging Pelicans do not notice or judge the Barco.

Smoke Break on Little Lake George

The camping chair adds a little comfort on the Fo'c'sle.

St Johns River near Astor.

Happy Crew

Buzzard's Island. We anchored for the night in the Cove.

Buzzard's Cove. We stayed here in November of '94, great memories.

Morning at the Cove.


Two catfish were caught using night crawlers. Both were released unharmed.

Maximum Fun.

Yooper is enthralled by deep conversation.

Snappy the snapping turtle helms the Barco.

Snappy tries to observe Throttles and Chart Plotter. Poor turtle...
It was a beautiful visit to the island, our weather was typical Florida Spring with eighty degree sunshine and no rain. We stayed onboard five days instead of the six planned due to other family commitments so we regretfully headed home.

I can't wait to take Barco out again and again for some more Florida boating.

Delta Charlie, Out.


Buck said... it was with heavy hearts that we attempted to drink All. The. Beer.

You did the right thing. There's no sense invoking The Beer Gods anger by NOT consuming all that's given to you.

Other than that? Brilliant, in every respect. Good WX, good company, good times!

LL said...

I saw no signs of the cat being applied to a recalcitrant crew. Nobody was keelhauled. And the crew were allowed as much grog as they could swallow? What is the Barco coming to?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

The floggings will continue until morale improves...

Our real problem was that we ran out of beer!

Thanks for stopping by, LL and Buck!