Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dining with friends

Very quiet weekend, so far. We had dinner with this author/raconteur last night and one of the bottles of wine that was served was this distinctive red;

It was not memorable except for the labeling. I feel that this Cab was served probably about three years past its "best by" date. The vintage was 2006 and I'm sure the "Great One" had nothing to do with this wine other than lending his name.

I thought of Buck when I peeped at the label on that bottle!

Nice to have  no where to be and to just relax at home with the tv and kitties. Good thing we have all this good stuff available to us!

See you when I have something more interesting to say!


Buck said...

Who knew Gretzky had an estate operation? Not me...

As for bein' at home with no where to go and nothing to do... It's good to just "be," sometimes.

LL said...

Maybe it's one of those Canadian vintages - jazzed up with a Napa address?