Friday, August 9, 2013

My favorite day!

I like 'em, these fridays. The weekend always has some hidden promise of a new adventure or at the very least I have the hope of such occurrences.

As for today: Gettin' our stuff arranged on the billiards table, organizin' the ecky-pah-he for the departure, headin' to colder climes. New shooz, panz and zhaquets (Lerrnin' noo langwedjes, too!)

Naah. Just getting our stuff ready for the big trip that starts in seven days. But our gear is literally setting on the pool table, like a couple a hicks packing for the mountains!

Note to anyone who is monitoring us for our whereabouts so as to potentially break in to the house while we are gone:

An angry, burly, bearded, insomniac biker who is also paranoid and very well armed is staying at the homestead with access to all the rum, cigars and shootin' irons. Enter at your own risk.

The Biker would like the company/shooting practice. Really.

Nothing really to report, otherwise. Everyone at the Barco is healthy and doing as well as normal, just out of any stories to mention at this moment.

Go have fun of your own!

1 comment:

Buck said...

Ah, I understand the "lack o' stories" syndrome, as we're experiencing much the same here on THPoNM.

Enjoy yer weekend!