Friday, August 16, 2013

Jorge Boosh Intercontinental Airport

when I hear Intercontinental, I think of the Wrestling Federation. They had a World Heavyweight Champ, think Hulk Hogan or someone like that. Then there was something called a Intercontinental Champion, usually some unknown guy from Mexico or Tonga. Think of Tito Santana or Ricky The Steamboat Dragon.

So I am roosting at an airport that would be better named after a popular wrestler rather than a distinguished former President.

Ponder this as I wait for the next exciting leap to LAX. Which I presume is a shortened version of EX-Lax.

A fine product, I am informed.


LL said...

If you need help in LA, let me know. I'll drive over to LAX and bring you a flask or something to ease your transit.

Buck said...

I've been through a lot o' airports in my time, but Houston ain't one of 'em. Be glad you didn't go through DFW.