Thursday, September 12, 2013


What can a poor boy do but plan a great dinner at 0730? (Part of the day-to-day Living Well Series...)

First; The Rub.
4 Tbsp:  Paprika

5 Tbsp:  Brown Sugar

4 Tsp: Salt
           Garlic Powder
           Dried Onion Flakes

3 Tsp:  Pepper

2 Tsp: Cumin

1 Tsp: Cayenne Pepper Powder

Special Mustard Sauce made with unknown spices and horseradish.

Mix dry rub in bowl.

Retrieve 11 Pound Boston Butt from fridge, wash down with fresh water.

Rub Special Mustard Sauce made with unknown spices and horseradish all over pork. Wash hands.

Rub dry spice rub over entire butt. Let sit for awhile, let it consider the future...

Start charcoal. Gather hickory chips for smoking...

Place gray charcoal into smoker, cover with hickory chips. This will be an all day affair, at least an hour per pound.

Charcoal is started!

Butt awaits a warm fate. Kinda like Hassan The Murderer, cooling his heels over in Leavenworth.

Ol' Hickory

And away... we go!!!

Ignore that tall boy standing watch. Proper barbecue requires a beer to be present at all times. Texas Rules.

Phil the Viater; You coming by for some pulled pork???

Jerry the Yard Dude has just mowed the lawns and cleaned up so now I feel like I have accomplished something, namely having given Jerry his check while we chatted barbecue!

The Mission Continues and the pork smokes...

Some Jerry Jeff to ennertain (Sp. Int!)