Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tasmania Photos

A few of the nicer photos of Hobart and Mount Wellington.

Breakfast at the local bakery.

Hobart is clean and orderly.

Obviously, a place to have a fine dinner.

Our hotel, the Mercure, was sold by Lottery in 1958. Nice place.

Heading up Mt Wellington

Southern Ocean. Next stop; Antarctica!

Still winter!

Snappy looks out on the world.


Nice walkways are provided. There is chicken wire to aid in traction because conditions are often icy.

Roger and Janice at the summit.

I enjoy following in Twain's foot steps. Hope to see all the places for myself!


Buck said...

Looks very chilly. Beautiful, but chilly.

Buck said...
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LL said...

It looks quiet to the point of being bucolic, and understated. Which means that it is likely a good place to live.

Alison said...

The scenery is very beautiful! Nice photos!