Saturday, September 7, 2013

First batch of pictures

Jet lag had us up at 0300, this am. I started on collating photos a little later, I think there are a hundred or so ready for viewing.

Here we go!

First Winery on Deck!

This nice person was very keen on us listening...

Next up; Waverly.

This Gent acted surprised that we had shown up!

Coat of Arms for the recently deceased owner.

Catching a buzz at 1100

Vineyard Dog

Back view from Waverly.

Heading down the road to Tamburlane.

Brian, our tour guide setting us up.

Next to the Cheese shop.

Lunch location

Lunch was part of the deal.

Irongate had the most attractive host!

There are 100 wineries in Hunter but only three grow and squeeze their own grapes. 

Skins and seeds grapes. Might be useful interrogating perps...

On to Saddler's Creek! Last but best of all.


Autographed bottles

The blonde fellow is the future of Australian wine. Count on it!

Evaporation in progress


Buck said...

Catching a buzz at 1100

One of my favorite sayings: "How can ya drink all day if you don't start in the morning?"

Looks like a fine, fun day out.

LL said...

If the sun is over the yardarm (somewhere in the world) it's not too early to taste the wine.