Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Carrying on

Spent Monday afternoon assisting some friends on their departure from NAS Jax to some not so distant islands. Like anything we ever plan to do, there were annoying delays that popped up and kept the boat tied to the marina docks. For fifteen days… Finally, everything came together yesterday evening and they motored out into the evening chill on to their big family adventure. They got as far as the Jacksonville Landing! Today they will actually get to the ocean and head south. 

Good luck and fair winds to the crew of Mojo!

I wish I were going, too.

Have a nice Tuesday!

There was a phone call at ten, this morning. Mojo wanted to know if I could come by and pick one of the crew up and go to the storage locker to pick up some line. No problem, I was there in 20 minutes and off to the storage place. After getting a proper length of line we boltered back to the Landing and they were able to continue on.

It's always something! Glad to have been there to help.

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