Friday, December 13, 2013

Central Scrutinizer

Hello Sports-fans and other interested hep-cats!

It's time for the friday wrap up for the week. Nothing really notable going on at the Serenghetti Spa and Veldt Lounge, just keepin' on and faking it like we always do.

The Central Scrutinizer. I steal this character from Frank Zappa's 1979 album, "Joe's Garage". The Central Scrutinizer is a narrator of the story of Joe, a guy who wants to play music but gets wrapped up in a life of drugs, sex and "sleazery". The narrator is a moralizing hypocrite who seems to get his jollies out of watching Joe get dealt with in shocking ways which suits the narrator just fine.

Reminds me of our Gubmint.

Anyway, I have been shopping at the Commissary this past few weeks and there is a new experience going on. Oh, it's still the normal overcrowded hassle but there is a new twist: When you pay for your groceries the expectation is that the clerk will ask to see your military I.D. to ensure that you are eligible to use the facilities.

That's all good. Used to be that you showed an I.D. to get in the door, which slowed down things to a crawl when entering the store. And showing I.D. at checkout speeds up the process, for those of us who shop alone. (And allows three generations of people to shop while Granny shows her I.D.  and pays for the food for her daughter and granddaughter's families. "We gotta use Grandpa's benefit, cuz he served".) Sorry for digressing. The point I am making is that now the clerk holds your I.D. and scans it into the machine… Hmmm. Why would the Government be interested in my name and info at the Commissary?

The Government now knows exactly my buying habits, whether it's healthy food or not. Or whether I just purchased enough turkeys or hams to stock my restaurant which I own outside. (Btw, that does happen. I have watched certain people buy large quantities of meats which I know are for an extended family or commercial operation.) I do not care for this newest intrusion in my privacy. After all, the Internal Revenue Service has been used as a sledge hammer on law abiding citizens who dare to speak out about government abuses, in violation of First Amendment Constitutional rights.

What could go wrong?

Imagine some Central Scrutinizer scrutinizing on you. (As they eagerly eyeball the various unguents/salves and over the counter remedies you consume!) Will they think I'm weird for buying Cosmo and Marie Claire? Or is it just the zucchini and astro-glide…?

The takeaway quote at 1:58 of the video is… "The Constitution is being modified in order to accommodate… the future."


Big weekend of baking is upon us. The Spousal Unit has mass quantities of butter, margarine and flour with the obligatory sugar to make us all happy this Christmas season. We will stay home tonight in preparation of the big mix tomorrow.

But then the Gubmint already knows this by way of my I.D. card and this blog…

Have a safe and warm weekend, everybody!

P.S. (Radio announcer voice) "This is a message for our friends and neighbors in the occupied lands; The Chair is by the wall; The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is showing tonight at eight o'clock…TBS".


Buck said...

That's a brilliant vid. Me likee.

The SPs scan my ID every time I go on base so the gub'mint knows when I'm out there. I gotta admit I DON'T like bein' scanned at the commissary. I do like the savings, though... so I'll keep on keepin' on.

LL said...

I'll $500 worth of condoms.

Just to see if they care.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I'll bet if you changed condoms to chitlins you might find you have a new gubmint job waiting for ewe!