Monday, December 2, 2013

Set the normal watch!

Back to the regular routine. We have watch batteries to acquire, toilet feed pipes to unleak and general maintenance to continue.

The four day weekend was an endless food fest in which we snacked pretty much every hour. The fridge is still packed with leftovers that we will need to deal with very sternly. Funny enough, we did not gain any extra tonnage over our already chubby selves! Another thing, I have never noticed so many football games on tv at literally each minute of the day. Is this symptomatic of the Roman Bread and Circuses thing?

This week I will plow through the minor repairs and keep as cheery as can be during a season of crowded stores, surly customers and falling temperatures. Harrumph!

Have a fruitful week!

Barco Out.

Happier times

There were eight people on a 27 foot sailboat carrying on! Winter 1993, NAS Jax Marina.


Buck said...

Sounds like a successful weekend.

LL said...

Log Entry: Steaming as before.

The maintenance gives your life purpose…because you can't have the next party until it's done.

And a four day food fest is no small party.