Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day eight of the new year, and I can't seem to get motivated!

I was visiting the Old AF Sarge blog and he had so much to say and all of it nice... Meanwhile, I sit here at the computer wrestling with Maogwai Cat for space at the keyboard. Mao is trying to knock my cup of water off the table and make me pay attention to HIM. There is head butting and purring, too.

'Be loozin' my twain of thought, see.

Anyhow, I am looking pretty weak blogging wise, compared to my new friend up in the Northeast who is full of stuff that needs to get out. Here in the colder part of North Florida, aside from wrestling the cat there isn't too much that is interesting going on.

We are having some diesel leaks repaired on the twin Perkins engines, seems the lines going in/out of the injector pumps have decided to vent a bit of fuel into the bilge, which just. Won't. Do. Smelly for all involved and the Coast Guard gets a bit miffed if they catch a boat dribbling oil slicks on the national waterways.

While we (Ahem, the Royal 'We') are at that mess, we might as well have all fluids changed along with the filters on all engines and generator. Seems we are planning a little field trip to the Oldest City, (St Augustine) next Friday for a three nighter. I am hoping for more appropriate temperatures to accompany us on our seven hour expedition.

In honor of the cold weather this week, I covered some of our plants outside. Did you know what happens with broccoli when you wait too long to pick? Hmmm?


Broccoli flowers!

The buckets are protecting some  brussels sprout plants. Off camera is a nice cocktail lime-something else tree which is covered by the traditional lime-tree Hijab, I mean black plastic bag.

Stay warm out there, keep the powder dry and the family safe!

Barco Sin Vela, out.

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