Friday, January 2, 2015

About to begin the new boating year...

With a run to Six Mile Creek, home of the Outback Crabshack. Premier destination for hit-or-miss dining pleasure coupled with beautiful rural surroundings. The free dock provided for customer use is the reason for visiting anytime! I really like the folks at the Crabshack for providing this unique, Old Florida styled destination.

Ahhh, but this trip is all depending on me feeling the love from the local weather, which is looking cloudy. Saturday may be a better day for this expedition as local wx is forecasted to be sunny and warm, which means a clear sky for our evening aboard. Stars are an important part of any boat trip, would you agree?

As a few of you know, I am all about sunshine and warm over cloudy and cool. It's the need for a sense of weather improvement which directly aids the happier attitude and general well being that keeps me going on. Yet another reason to reside in the South! Winter here lasts a week or so at a time, unlike up North where the snow and lack of sunshine is a direct threat to mental and general health. Snow and ice to me is oppression. Skiing is good fun and exercise, but one should drive four hours, get the exercise finished, drive home and enjoy warmer weather.

More But's...;

But, before going anywhere, I gotta wash the filth that has settled on the decks off of the Barco because it has been a few weeks and the boat looks like a homeless vagrant lives there. Yet another delay to getting underway, I know. Unlike many homeless vagabonds, we do have plenty of food and drink onboard to keep the crew in a merrier sort of way no matter what we wind up doing.

More action, less talk!

Barco Out.

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