Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy End of December!

By the Cement Pond...

We celebrated pre-new year's eve/evening by ruining the diet I've been following religiously for the past few weeks. I did this by eating pizza and having some beer in flagrant disregard of Dr Atkin's rules for creative dining. Afterwards, I closed last night's victual debauchery with an evening under the stars, setting by the pool warmed by fire along with my favorite partner in crime!

The flame is catching...

Conflag by the concrete cistern

That tall mug on the little table is mine, filled with a delicious Sierra Nevada Pale Ale poured freshly from the keg. The Spousal Unit is not dieting and does not partake in barley pops, so she prefers grapes that have been smashed and left in a dark place to brood... alone, in a bottle.

Fast forward to now;  Thinking the worst about my recent behavior, I checked my tonnage when I rose this morning and found I lost a pound! She Who Will Be Obeyed also checked hers and reported the same so now we have decided that we should write the definitive diet book called, "The Pizza and Beer Diet; A real world solution to your weight loss angst".

Who's with me on that title? The book will practically write itself!

Someone has to have fun, ok? My recently passed friend, Buck, would be reading this in Portales now (freezing his skinny butt off!) and would comment about this matter and be in full agreement and possibly add some bit of wisdom from his years of having pursued that same objective.

So go out (or stay home), make yourself an enjoyable moment today and I hope all of you who read this remain in good health and cheer.

Next year is gonna be the best!

Barco Sin Vela II, Out.

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Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Bob. And a prosperous happy year to you as well.