Sunday, December 28, 2014

Boating Sunday

The morning fog was lifting so I decided to bring the Barco to Lamb's and get a diesel fill up. Fuel was down to $3.15, so I thought I would get a couple hundred gallons.

Untied the Barco and everything looked clear so I was underway, solo.

Looks nice, right?

I am wearing a personal floatation device for safety.

Still clear...

Uh, oh. Fog!

Entering the cloud.

Still looks good back at home plate.


Sounding the horn every two minutes.

Downtown Jax.

Bridge is getting clear, finally.

An hour later.

Much better.
I left the Yacht Club and entered some thick fog. I sounded my horn which was a surprise to the anchored fishing boat I passed in the soup.

Slowed the boat to idle and continued North at five knots, doing a prolonged blast on the horn to alert anyone nearby. I did hear some small outboard motors, but never saw them. They heard me, though.

After about fifteen minutes I made a turn to the southwest to enter the Ortega River. I did not see the bridge until I was about a hundred yards away, and  the fog completely lifted as I passed under the bridge. A few moments later I was pumping fuel at Lamb's and was lightened in the wallet by about $802 bucks. It was a great ride back.

Barco is now ready with about 400 miles worth of fuel, let's go boating!

See you later...

Barco Out.

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