Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve. (Not the blonde woman in Walnut Creek)

Much action in the Barco house; cakes, banana breads, fancy foods and a dinner engagement will fill our 24 hour period!

The following has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with my desire to get back out in the world.

This photo depicts a part of Beveridge Reef, one of my favorite places on our wonderful planet. At the very minute the picture was taken... This was back in August of 2010 aboard a CSY 44 called Beaujolais...  I was facing Mike, skipper of Callisto (Who took the shot while perched atop his mast). To give you some perspective, I was on the bigger boat on the right and seated in the cockpit under the green awning. This all happened in Beveridge Reef, an atoll about five days to the west of the Cook Islands. We anchored there for four days until our beer and wine ran out. As usual, click to embiggen.

There were three boats in the whole reef and we were literally in the middle of nowhere, anchored in 40 feet of water protected by a coral reef, barely. We all had a wonderful time spending an evening on each boat sharing spirits and potent potables.

I'm posting this because it is cloudy and miserable outside, and I'd rather be there enjoying warm breezes from the east and the bright sunshine that the tropics endure daily. Besides, isn't nice to go back to our happier times?

Someone might recommend we start a Kickstart campaign to get this ship afloat? I need about $900K and we can be there in six months. Arrrgghhh!

Back to reality!

The winter solstice is a time to review how lucky we are to have our loved ones close by us and to remember those who cannot be by the hearth and heart. Give a thought to those in the sandbox who would rather be home rather than fighting barbarians who would destroy our way of life.

We at the Barco Sin Vela are hoping you all have a healthy and happy Christmas and Boxing Day.

Barco, out.

P.S. The gym is calling... Time to work off all this food!

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