Monday, December 22, 2014

Just an ugly Monday.

Back again, for the heck of it.

Nothing really to note, the weather is as rotten as Florida weather can be, about 62 degrees and rainy. Good thing I don't really care about shopping, because i don't even want to go out.

'Ceptin' to cook the chicken on the grill. It is roasting as we sit here and write/read.

The next Barco trip is planned for the weekend of the 17th, in which we will plod on down to St Augustine for an RO3N. I expect to make up for all the beer I haven't been drinking this past three weeks.

The only thing I have accomplished recently was an electrical course that was provided by the good folks at the U.S. Power Squadron. Did you know that I am an Advanced Pilot in said Power Squadron, too?


Soooo, I begin the next phase, known as the Junior Navigator?! course on the 20th of January. They will take three months to teach us how to use the Sun with our sextant to do a Noon sight. If I'm good, they will let me take the next course. (I did all this stuff 16 years ago and we did it in one course instead of two) Power Squadron does things differently. And if I want to take the course I have to do things slowly and in the manner of that fine organization.

Dislikin' rules. That. Would. Be. Me!

After the trip in January, there is the hope of going South again for a Keys run. This can happen if I can gather a small crew to come along on that fantastic voyage, maybe looking at two or three weeks underway. March, sometime. All depends on crew. Shows how much I am caring about the upcoming course.

The chicken came out perfect. She Who Will Be Obeyed, Mao and I enjoyed a very moist and justly roasted bird. I chased mine down with water, just like the cat since we are on the Wagon, lately.

It's nice to go to bed and wake up feeling the exact same way... Tired.

Still got the 'Exile in Portales' on my mind. Gonna be a long time wrapping my head around the fact that Buck is gone. I'm not moping around, just noting the void in the web-o-sphere.

Carry on out there, hoping every one stays safe and dry!

Barco Out.

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OldAFSarge said...

I rely on you for boating stories.

I live vicariously.

Those who can't afford boats, read about boats.

Roger that on the hole in the blogosphere.

A big hole!