Friday, March 12, 2010

End of week funny

I shamelessly stole both pictures from the I can haz Cheezburger site.

As all of us surf through out the depressing seascape of the internet, it's nice to be able to go to a non-political funny place as the Fail Blogs. Always a laugh riot and rarely a disappointment. The "Engrish" area is of particular interest.

Those kittens sure look real familiar; sort of looks like our bedroom in the afternoon. We have three Siamese cats, but they seem to multiply on the run. Mebbe I miscounted. At night they increase in tonnage and mass, so what should be twelve paws becomes 36 razor sharp heavy points... That purr and fight. But they love us, so what can we do but enjoy their antics as they break speed records traversing the Barco home.

You can see that Siamese Cats are always onboard our boats. Whether in the UK or in Key Biscayne.
On the Thames, Jellicle Cat and her bestest human;

Mao supervises the fueling of Barco Sin Vela in Key Biscayne;

As I advertised earlier, we shall be out on the water doing the Spectator Boat thing in support of the Thistle Sailboat Races.

Any chance to enjoy sailing and some frosty ones is a day well spent, say I.


LL said...

Ice cold beer and a BBQ'd steak make the Thistle Sailboat Races better.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

LL; Thanks, for stopping by, I know you've been busy doin' the good works at Goomba and elsewhere.

As for Ice cold beer, I'm willing to do all this for cool brews and burned beef!

Have a great weekend.

Buck said...

Any chance to enjoy sailing and some frosty ones is a day well spent, say I.

It's in to the 70s today and I plan on tipping a few cool ones myownself this afternoon. Have fun out there!

wv: allat. As in "It's allat and a bag o' chips, Mate!"