Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally back on Wednesday

Hello, Sports Fans and fellow Sea Cadets!;

I finally finished a week of insurance education and am back at the desk. There will prolly be a bit more in the next few weeks as I prepare for a State required test to increase my license level.


Last Sunday, we stayed aboard Barco the night before and had to leave the NAS to return to our berth at Pirates Cove. This is photographic proof of our "Dawn Launch, St Johns River"

I took the picture on my cell phone as we cast the lines off. It was about 32 degrees freezing. Class started at 0800, so time was awastin'!

On the weather front, we finally feel Spring approaching. The temps are in the seventies outside and I think we may finally get to enjoy the benefits of Florida. Come Saturday, the Barco Sin Vela is planned to be the spectator vessel in support of the regional Thistle sailboat races.

This is a cool photo of Thistle sailing in Seattle:

This from the Yacht Club website;

Friday, March 12th – Sunday, March 14th
St. Johns River

This year’s 36th Annual Orange Peel Regatta is shaping up to be another great event with boats from California and Massachusetts already registered. All sailing enthusiasts don’t miss the opportunity to watch this event on the Thistle Southeastern Circuit! Practice races will begin on Friday afternoon with the Championship decided on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Contact your Fleet & Sail Captain, Greg XXXXX, for information at

Even though I dread that kind of duty, we will probably find that being in the midst of the race with no other responsibility than to stay outta the way will prove to be a fun time. Excepting of course, minor emergencies in the heads (Marine heads are fussy and jam easily). Prevention will be the focus and we shall teach our riders to follow the rules concerning our marine bathrooms.

He/She who clogs; Shall unclog.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.


Buck said...

Marine heads are fussy and jam easily

Well, dunno about fussy but I've noticed Jarheads DO get confused quite easily. What? Oh. Nevermind.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Oh, Buck made a funny!