Monday, March 29, 2010

Travel, we did!

We gathered up the Hyacinth Kitteh and brought her to the Barco for a trip to the Crab Shack.

There was a bit of drama on Sunday, when the starboard diesel would not start. Or even turn over. Complete loss of electrical connection and I still have no idea what is wrong with the system. We ran home on the port engine alone, a first for me. Docking was going to be tough with the boat trying to turn hard right.

What would I do?

Hyacinth want's to know.

The journey started at 1400, Friday. We were underway on a blustery, warm afternoon. Well provisioned, we were stocked with plenty of boating victuals; PBR, box o' wines, champagne and sandwich making materials.

Barco passed by the 58' Hatteras, "Acquisition" and waved at Jill and Scott who were preparing to depart, also. "Acquisition" was soon in a loose trail formation, about a half mile back.

Our destination was to be the infamous "Out Back Crab Shack", home of the four dollar 32 ounce Landshark Draft.

I know, we go there all the time. But the dockage is free and the scenery is priceless.

There was to be a gathering of seven boats, a great dinner for Friday and Saturday evenings, breakfast and fishing and general tom foolery for the rest of the time.

The Star of the boat show would be "Four Ladies", a 1949 Huckins Fairform Flyer owned by a gent named Stewart, and his lovely bride Beebe.

A civilianized torpedo boat. What memories that fine boat must hold.

Stewart and Beebe graciously invited the mob to come aboard and enjoy a drink, or five.

Our host Stewart:


That evening, we gathered for a dock blocking party, there were chairs, foods, drinks and party goers everywhere. Dinner was served on Acquisition and we closed out the beautiful evening observing Orion's Belt and Pleiades traversing the clear sky westward.

Sunday was a wonderful breakfast on the dock, I made a mess of waffles for the morning revelers.

The only bummer was discovering the inoperative starboard diesel. I had a spare ignition switch, but I chose to go on the single screw since the left one was operating fine. It would take me at least an hour and a half to locate the part, strip out the old and even then it may not work.

Rain was approaching, so we bustered home at seven knots. We tied up just before the rain began, and we looked good docking.

Our Cruise buddy, Scott, mentioned that he had no idea we were running single engined until after docking. We looked that good.

We brought Hyacinth back to our home, and she has been in a sour snit since arrival. Hyacinth prefers the boat. She will go home to Grandma's later on today.

Looking forward to more boating, the season is upon us.


Buck said...

Well... Blogger is having some sort of snit-fit today. I can only see about half of your pictures and my blog is missing pics, too. I'll be back later when Blogger gets its excrement consolidated, but the text indicates you had a great time!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Don't worry Buck, half the pictures I wanted to put up are still on the camera...

Buck said...

Great pics. The Four Ladies is a beautiful piece o' work!