Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beveridge Reef

We were anchored in the Southeast portion, where the cloud shadow rests. I cannot believe how absolutely nice it is here. There are two other boats; Callisto and Dagmar. Population of Beveridge Reef is Seven.

We took the dinghy to the reef, walked over the coral to dry coral and looked for lobsters. All I got was sore feet, so I think the lobsters are more like the hunt for snipes.

Night time, we went to Callisto for sundowners and stayed past the local sunset. Our anchor light was as bright as Jupiter, but there was no seeing into the gloom for the boat in the murky blackness of night.

The next night, we had Dagmar and Callisto on Beajolais for sundowners, which lasted until 2200. It is so neat to be in one' s own world.

Underway the next day at 1030, we were off for Niue on a 24 hour journey which should be a bit easier than the four nights passage from Rarotonga to Beveridge. More on both when the photos are available.

Until then, I will have to represent my loyal readers back home and have as good a time as humanly possible.

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Ken n Cheryl; After the past week of passages onboard a CSY-44... I really recommend going big and being ready for the nastiest an ocean can push on you. Beaujolais will be for sail in ready to cruise fully refit condition, all spares and gear included for about XXXK. The sale is from priorities changing. In five years of ownership, three grand children were born. More details will come up when I start a blog for Beaujolais sale, but a short list is 1800 hrs on four year old Yanmar, 100 gals Diesel, 400 gals fresh water. Multiple GPS/Chartplotters, Autohelm 3000 and Hydrovane.

As for that hydrovane, we did 12 hours directly down wind in 12 knots and Heidi the Hydrovan steers with precision. I have only had to hand steer about one hour in past seven days in all types of conditions.

I will be back soon, hopefully with pictures and more stories. Thanks, everyone, for being patient with me.

The waters are clear and azure blue... The weather is here!

Oh, special thanks to the Spousal Unit. Without her care and support I would not be out here living the dream, for a second time.
 I am very lucky!

P.S. Hey Mom! I have not forgotten you and Gary out here. I wish I could fly you guys out for a great weekend. Because here in the islands, every day is weekend!


LL said...

Every day is wonderful!

We who are left behind envy you!

Gary said...

Thanks for the good thoughts. Margaret and I are here, following along on every entry (mixing blog and grog) and extremely happy that you are able to have this great adventure! More than that, we are happy that we can share a little of it through your eyes! Be Safe! Be Happy! Be Darryl!

Buck said...

Most excellent, Darryl. MOST excellent!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Looking forward to the pictures. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Beaujoulais sounds like a great boat, but too big and way out of our little cruising budget =). We plan on only coastal cruising, so hopefully our roomy Catalina 30 will do the job! Looking forward to hearing more!